Emotional Cheating Can Cause Irreparable Damage

Emotional cheating is regarded by some as “the affair that never happened,” but this type of cheating is definitely infidelity and can cause irreparable damage to relationships. During emotional cheating, details about intimacy in a marriage or committed relationship are usually discussed and even though a physical affair never happens, the emotional infidelity often destroys … Read more

10 Tips To An Awesome Relationship

Everybody wants to have a happy and successful relationship. We must remember that good relationships don’t just happen – after all, we’re not living in a fairy tale. We have to work on it. Here are my 10 most important keys for relationship success. 1. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! Don’t expect your partner to read your … Read more

Opposites Attract, Then What?

You’ve heard it a million times, opposites attract, but have you ever considered the various consequences of these attractions? Let me begin with a few of the opposite personality traits that can contribute to potential conflict, distress and frustration in any relationship. Aggressive vs. passive: The pleaser vs. the self-centered The ego maniac vs. the … Read more

Now More Than Ever

These are stressful times for everyone; the poor, the wealthy, the sick and the healthy, the employed and the unemployed. No one is immune to the sting of uncertainty. From all indications and what I have derived from my study and recent research and conversations with intelligent business leaders, economists and futurists what we are … Read more